The Feud Lives On

Devil Anse vs Ol Ranl.png

Arch-nemesis of Devil Anse Hatfield, Randolph McCoy was the patriarch of the McCoy clan. Steeped in family honor, justice, and revenge, the bitter Hatfield-McCoy feud is among West Virginia’s most enduring historical legends. Despite its tragedy, the Hatfield-McCoy feud has also come to represent the independence and fierce self-determination of the people of West Virginia. With Devil Anse IPA as our homage to the Hatfields, we would be remiss to neglect the McCoys, and so we are proud to announce another flagship: Ole Ran'l Pilsner. Featuring moderate hop flavor and bitterness throughout, our light-bodied and session-able Ole Ran'l Pilsner is a worthy adversary to Devil Anse IPA. 

James McLendon