A Final Look at Irish Dave's Maple Bourbon Porter


Our lead brewer, Irish Dave has brewed a long list of porters in his career. For his most recent limited-run beer he wanted to create something more unique to West Virginia. Aged in 13-year-old bourbon barrels from our neighbors Smooth Ambler Distillery, and brewed with maple syrup from Greenbrier County’s Daniels Maple Syrup, Irish Dave’s Maple Bourbon Porter is a rich and full-bodied beer. Notes of toffee, chocolate, caramel, and tobacco are present in addition to the bourbon and maple. Noticeable hop character and a slightly sweet finish define this beer as an American Porter. 

As spring approaches, supplies of Irish Dave's Maple Bourbon Porter are dwindling, but don’t worry, Dave is always busy at work on his next limited-run release! 

James McLendon