Our Crew

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve prided ourselves in hiring the hardest-working and most skilled craft beer talent in West Virginia. West Virginia’s Beer is made possible by West Virginia’s best.


Bill Heckel

Originally from Elkins, West Virginia Bill Heckel moved to Greenbrier County in 2018 to take the helm at GVBC. Bill has breathed new life into GVBC, launching a series of successful expansions that have seen both production and distribution increase by several orders of magnitude.


Sam Walker-Matthews
General Manager/Executive Vice President

Former Head Brewer at West Virginia’s original craft brewery, Cardinal Brewing, Sam Walker-Matthews brings both brewing science and business management expertise to GVBC.


Gary Vermillion
Director of Operations

Former Senior Laboratory Specialist at Dow Chemical, West Virginia native Gary Vermillion brings invaluable chemical and engineering knowledge to our team in addition to maintaining our distributor accounts.


Brian Reymiller
Director of Brewing

One of the founding members of GVBC, Brian Reymiller has brewed for some of the most renowned craft breweries in the region. He is the creator of most of our flagships, including Devil Anse IPA and Ole Ran'l Pilsner.


Alex Durand
Assistant Director of Operations / Sales Manager

Thanks to his West Virginia craft brewery experience and diverse skillset Alex Durand is instrumental in a variety of projects including sales, event coordination, media assets, logistics, marketing, and label approvals.


Dave Barron
Lead Brewer

Amid the constant production of our many flagships, Dave Barron keeps our offerings fresh and creative with limited-run beers like Irish Dave's Maple Bourbon Porter and Irish Dave’s White IPA.


Travis Canterbury
Brewing Staff

West Virginia native, Travis Canterbury provides vital duties such as transfers, fermentation management, packaging, and cleaning tanks.


James McLendon
Information Technology

James McLendon manages communications software, media assets, the official website, and office tech. He also performs press releases, and coordinates taproom events.


Chris Colin
Social Media & Event Coordinator

With experience planning and promoting some of West Virginia’s most popular events, such as Mountain Music Fest, Chris Colin keeps our fans updated by maintaining our social media accounts and coordinates our “Get Out. Explore. Bring Beer & Music.” concert series.


Brett Mele
Brewing Staff

Brett Mele shares brewing duties with Lead Brewer Dave Barron, and performs transfers and fermentation management.


Evan Metz
Production Staff

Lifelong Greenbrier County resident, Evan Metz performs cellar management, prepares orders for distributors, and performs packaging duties.


Sam Walker-Matthews
Sales Staff

Sam Walker-Matthews promotes our products and facilitates communication with retailers and distributors throughout Maryland and northern Virginia.


Hilary Stalnaker
Taproom Staff

West Virginia-born Hilary Stalnaker works alongside Annie Smead to keep our taproom customers happy by serving our products directly from the source.


F Weinberg
Brewing Staff

Greenbrier native F Weinberg, performs fermentation management and sanitizing tanks.


Kara Larew
Sales Staff

Kara Larew promotes our products and facilitates communication with retailers and distributors throughout northern West Virginia, and Garrett and Allegany counties in Maryland.


Josh Nibert
Sales Staff

Josh Nibert promotes our products and facilitates communication with retailers and distributors throughout southern West Virginia and Roanoake, Virginia.


John Wood
Production Staff

John Wood cleans kegs and assists with packaging, both on the canning line and filling kegs.


Annie Smead
Taproom Staff

Annie Smead works alongside Hilary Stalnaker to keep our taproom customers happy by serving our products directly from the source.